Solo Roadtrip in NZ, Day 3 (KNZ’19)

Day 3

The caravan I stayed is located in Coleville, there is nothing much here just lands, farms and local homes. The reason I chose this place, besides it’s a caravan was because it’s the closest area to get to Coromandel — my next destination.

Waking up in the caravan, for the first time in my life. It felt pretty refreshing, really, you should try sometimes and would you look at the views! I mean who wouldn’t?

Waking up in the caravan with millions worth view!

Then I got up and walked out and wow…. getting that last bit of sunrise. Man, I could’ve stayed here for months! Ah nope, I’m just kidding as it will get lonely here.. pretty fast LOL though I’m not kidding about the views and the air, it was so refreshing. Absolutely breathtaking.

Now it’s time for the next stop, Coromandel Coastal Walk. I was really looking forward to this walk. The photos on the website looks tremendous!

Watery bridge

Following Google Maps, I’ve arrived at the place though I didn’t see any car or any parking lot and well, I noticed the watery bridge.. hmm, not sure whether or not I should take my car across the bridge. I decided to rolled back and find somewhere to park the car, be on my feet and start the walk.

The watery bridge was my starting point, well of course, I figured I should to take off my hiking shoes and socks before crossing the bridge. I basically dipped my toes in the water just to see how cold it is, turned out it was quite cold so I just ran through and that was kinda fun..

One point is ‘Stony Bay Campsite’ and the other end is ‘Fletcher Bay’
— it doesn’t matter where you start, you have to walk back the same way as it’s a one way walk.

The time was around 8 AM, I had to start the walk quite early as it’s quite a long walk.
The walk is 8 hours return (3.5 hours one way walk)


My companions

Those guys woke up quite early I’d say. LOL. Alright, let’s get lost in the middle of nowhere!

My most favorite leaf

I normally didn’t take macro photos as much though the fern is one of my most favorite leaves so I stopped and certainly took my time to snap the shot. As I realized how much I enjoyed these little things around me, I need to get moving.

The Scenic Lookout is about an hour out from Stony Bay, now I noticed a sign pointing to a lookout. It’s a few minutes walk to the viewpoint that offers breathtaking views north towards Sugar Loaf and south over Shag Bay.


Poley Bay

Arriving at Poley Bay after walking up and down the hills, I’ve encountered with the local cows. It was a bit rocky but still able to walk over just fine.

Those little wooden sticks with arrow sign or orange color are the navigation as there were open hills in which you can just walk in any direction.

On the way down towards Fletcher Bay, I wouldn’t call the path narrow but it was definitely quite steep, so walk carefully on the way down 🙂

Fletcher Bay

Finally arrived at Fletcher Bay –the other end of my starting point. I walked around took a couple of photos and found the perfect spot for my lunch, it’s under the tree. LOL. Then I settled down and had my lunch, while enjoying that it was so peaceful here, I could get used to this. There were like less then 5 ppl at the bay.

At about 12.30 PM, I finished my lunch so I decided to packed up and started walking back.

On the way up from the bay, I met a guy and he told me he started the walk from Fletcher Bay, around 6 AM (here I thought I was early), and guess what? he was about to finish his walk. Oh man, I told him I was just about to walk back, he laughed and said “It’s okay, you’ll make it before it gets dark” — hahaha! well, that’s a relief,

Look at how many hills I’ve crossed.

Have you ever wondered how it’s like for them? Live their lives surrounding with such amazingly beautiful places, every single day. Will they enjoy the views ? Will they get tired of walking up and down the hills? Will they go to dip in the ocean when it’s too hot?

Last look of this stunning view

At about 3.30 PM, I finished my walk and back to Stony Bay –where I started. It’s been the longest walk I’ve even done, all by myself. I’d say I accomplished something here. Felt pretty awesome though on the opposite of my feet, they obviously need a good rest. LOL. Well, it’s been fun and let me say this, if I get a chance, I’d definitely come back as the scenery was absolutely worth the long walk.

After that, I hopped onto my car then drove off and headed to Thames, where I booked an AirBnb for the night in which I’m really looking forward to seeing the place. The drive should take about 2 hours and 30 minutes. Long drive was making me hungry and as I was driving through a small town I couldn’t remember the name, I decided to stop by a small cozy cafe where I again, couldn’t remember the name. Well it was almost 7 PM, they were about to close I guess, though they still managed to get me a takeaway wrap for my dinner so THANK YOU for that!

Then I continue driving and finally reached Eva’s place via AirBnb, gosh Eva’s house was so modern, and simply beautiful. As I arrived quite late, about 8.30PM, I informed Eva (the host) prior that I’d arrive a bit late as I had a long drive from Coromandel and they totally get it. When I arrived, the couple host greet me warmly and kindly. I think they noticed that I was a little bit exhausted (from the long walk and long drive — well, it’s been a long day), we had a small talk before they let me go to my room and told me if I want to chat, feel free to come out later on. I smiled happily and walked to my room with some of my stuffs.

After I unpacked, charged my stuffs, then took a long and nice shower and had some rest, I decided to come out of my room to see if the couple still up, and guess what, they were still sitting in the dining room, talking, laughing, and drinking wines and a cheese plate with cracker and some fruits. Wow, I mean I looks just like what I often saw in the movie. LOL. I would have taken some picture of how perfect they look but probably no. We were talking and sharing some stories of our days, it was pretty nice and chill. It went on for quite some times then we went back to our beds and say goodnight.

Have a good night guy!

Solo Roadtrip in NZ, Day 2 (KNZ’19)

Day 2

Starting from my house in Auckland, I woke up super early in the morning just to stopped by at the two cafes where I worked, wanted to say goodbye to my friends one more time. Though I ended up made myself one last cup of coffee for the road! LOL. I’m totally gonna miss being behind the coffee machine and working at the cafe. Felt like I never wanted to leave them, but hey! it is what it is, life goes on.

Back on the road, I’m heading to Mt. Paku Summit in Hahei. It was like 45m drive. I arrived at the destination, according to GoogleMaps.. it was supposed to be a walk path up to the top but all i see was this deadend road. I realized it was wrong, obviously but the view was quite alright.

Deadend Road near Mt. Paku

I went back the same way I came and drove to a different road at the intersection. Then I found a carpark which tells me that it was the right place.. though I still couldn’t find an entrance so I wandered around and finally found a way up. Gosh, that was harder that I thought.

On the way up

It looks steep but it was acutally quite easy to climb up. It took me about 20m to reach the top…. Oh boy, I can feel the fresh air passing by and seeing this.


Not sure what it is for, but almost every lookouts I’ve been to, they have this iconic/landmark at the top of the hill. Maybe to indicate that we’ve reached the top.. haha! The views are amazing, could’ve stayed for hours though I have to go to the next stop.

On the way down
Shortcut to the carpark

Once I’ve reached the road, I saw a little bushy entrance so I took a peak and voila! there was a way down… you can say it’s kind of a shortcut as earlier I was walking through the zig-zag road to reach the entrance. Wait, or maybe I should’ve walked this way up. It’d totally save me at least 10m.

Next stop: Shakespeare Cliff Lookout / Lonely Bay

About 45m drive and I arrived. I parked my car and walked to see the lookout, very short walk by the way.

Shakespeare Cliff Lookout
Shakespeare Cliff Lookout
Shakespeare Cliff Lookout

It was a very cloudy day, still feel nice though. Then I walked to the entrance which has the way down to Lonely Bay. Not entirely sure if I want to walk all the way down, didn’t look like it has anything much down there. Guess what? I decided to walk down to the bay anyway.

Lonely Bay

It was nice but nothing much to see just as I thought, took a few photos and walked back up to the car to have my lunch.

Poached eegs, baby mozzallera, mashed avocado and grill chicken at Pecan Piccolo Cafe, Auckland

My friend at Pecan Piccolo Cafe made me this special lunch box before I left Auckland as I went to say Goodbye to him early in the morning. It was my favourite lunch which I often had on my break and of course– he knows.

Now that I’m full, moving on the next stop — Hot Water Beach. It took like 30m to reach the destination.

There were a lot of people at the beach which was suprising comparing the other places I’ve been which usually had few people. Parking lot was very busy, so i decided to drive away and luckily for me, I’ve found another carpark! A bit far from the beach but walkable so, I parked and walked down along the beach.

Hot Water Beach
Hot Water Beach
Hot Water Beach

It was quite nice, with blue sky mixed with white clouds then, I saw a crowd.

Digging a hole at Hot Water Beach

Yes! They were digging holes with shovels to lie in the hot water. I was really fascinated by how the water came out, hot, like smoking hot.

Right place and Right time
Keep digging!

I wandered around, and realized that the water will be hot only when it was freshly dug out. After awhile, the water in the hole will turn cold. Amazing isn’t it?

Next stop: Smiling Sphinx Rock, and Cathedral Cove.

Saw heaps of photos about this place and I was really looking forward to seeing it with my own eyes. It took about 10m, pretty close by.

While I was driving up the hill to the carpark, I saw the signs saying that no car allows to park up there and I was like, for real? I had to see it with my own eyes so I drove to all the way up the top. Man, they were serious so i had to turn around, drove all the way down and parked the car so far away from the entrance.

Note to self, it will take about 1h30m (2.5km) walk to reach the final destination.

They have shuttle bus to take us from the carpark to the entrance, though I’d rather walk and wander around.


Wheww! it was quite a walk, definitely gonna take a shuttle bus on my way down. This was where I had to turn my car around.. what a bummer!

Beginning of the walk

The weather was really nice and clear, just perfect for the walk. It was like a coastal walk all the way up and down but very nice concrete path.

Look up!
Note sure exactly where, but let’s sit
Cathedral Cove

Finally arrived at the beach, getting excited to see the cove so I walked in.

Cathedral Cove
Te Hoho Rock
Smiling Sphinx Rock

Not sure how to put for it, left me speechless and stunned. I was really fascinated by its uniqueness and beauty. Like can you imagine how can it turned out like this? it looks like an architecture, delicately crafted and designed but no, it was just nature — which was never stop surprising me obviously.

I certainly took my time there, see the rocks, the patterns, and how the ocean waves eating the base of those rocks little-by-little.. wondering how long would it still be like this?

Isn’t it look like a Lion?
Lonely Tree
Walk path

Oh look! I found a friend, how lucky 😀


After that, I walked back to my car, and drove to Hahei Beach which located near by. Waiting for sunset before heading back. Can never get enough of the beaches and sunsets.

Hahei Beach

It was really peaceful, I only wish I could’ve stopped the time, just for a little while so that I could cherish the moment, just a little longer..

It was getting dark soon, so I decided to head out as it would take about 3 hours drive to reach my stay for the night.

Banana Bread at Joe’s Eatery, Auckland

I was a bit hungry but hey! luckily my friend at Joe’s Eatery gave me a piece of banana bread. Totally saved my life.


White Star Station, Colville Farm

Wow man, it gets real dark out here in the middle of nowhere. Thanks to my headlight. I’m getting the feeling like there was no one here at all. Not a single person. Dead quiet. I was like shit, was it only me here.. anyway, I drove in to park the car, read the instruction in AirBnb from the host. Still not sure which one was mine.. so I drove further in, saw a wooden and narrow bridge,.. I stopped and again, not sure if I should crossed or not but what choice do I have, just had to do it and shit! I saw someone, he looked at me for awhile then I realized, I was on his private property… damn it, sorry man! I was quickly turned my car around and back to where I came.

Then, I found one caravan, near the entrance, again, not sure if it was mine. Though I drove in and parked the car, man, it was locked which obviously not mine, moving on….

My caravan

Moved on to the last one, decorated with little lights around the caravan. Turned out it was mine! I mean, I saw this one earlier but there were lights all over and so I thought it was for someone else. Silly me.

Confessed, this was my first time sleeping in a caravan. Pretty excited to see how it would feel to sleep in.


Hey, it was pretty cosy, like for 4 persons but I was the only who’s gonna sleep in.. haha all for myself. The bed was really comfy and plenty of space for me. Even though I had to walk outside to take shower and use the toilet in a freezing cold weather, I really love it!

I think I’m done for the day, my feet were so sore probably walked way too much but totally worth it. Well then, GOOD NIGHT 🙂

Solo Roadtrip in NZ, Day 1 (KNZ’19)

So where should I start?

Well, …I’ve been on roadtrips before just never alone, always with a friend at least. This time I’d be on the road, getting lost somewhere in New Zealand, all by myself.

Day 1

I started from Auckland heading to Waitakere.

First thing first, coffee. I couldn’t function properly without it anyway as I’m pretty sure many of you do as well! This is my most favorite coffee beans in AKL so far. Not only it is organic but also taste beautifully. One of the best around, a must try!

Kokako – Aotea

After getting my coffee fix, now back on the road heading to Waitakere. It didn’t take me that long, about 45 mins-ish to reach the first stop, well, it’s gotta be the beach of course.

Muriwai Beach


About 15 mins before I arrive, the rain was pouring down so hard and didn’t seem like it was gonna stop anytime soon. No choice, I had to parked and stayed in the car for about 15 mins until I decided to go and wait at the cafe nearby waiting for the rain to stop or slow down.

After 30 mins-ish of waiting, having another cup of coffee, the rain seems to be slowing down so I drove back to the spot and got a few nice shots!



Oh man, this beach is quite long and really beautiful in its own unique way. As the rain was almost stopped, I was able to see partial of rainbows! Ain’t that just spectacular?


I walked a little around and guess what I found? This not-so-little water fall hiding behind the bushy entrance.


After that I walked around and found a little path down to the beach. It was actually still raining a bit and all wet, though I saw a few people were surfing which was incredible! — RESPECT guys! Then, I moved on to the next stop.

Muriwai Gannet Colony


My first glance was like wow, that’s heaps

Where were you going in the middle of the rain?

Just curious, what on earth were you thinking about?

Checking out the view, were you?

Aww, don’t be sad buddy, life’s not that bad!

They’re all look exactly the same but after some times, I was able to spotted a few differences, they were pretty amazing, really. Eventhough it was raining, I was taking the time, enjoying the moment longer than I had originally planned but it was just too interesting. Then I realized I had to go to my next stop –one of my most favorite beaches as last time I was there for the sunset, unplanned and it turned out to be one of the best sunsets ever! though this time it would be during the day and super cloudy.

Bethells Beach





My beach.. as it was literally just me there, no one, nothing there but footprints on the sand. Well I mean I do love quiet, not crowded and all but wasn’t this just way too quiet? Anyway, as long as I have to beach by my side, it doesn’t really matter. I love it!

Anawhata Beach

After I arrived, I parked my car and walked down but to be honest I wasn’t sure what was at the end of the walk.


On the way, I saw a little bushy entrance, then again, I could never resist it, couldn’t I? So yeah I walked through and Voila! at the edge of the hill with a lonely chair overthere. Man, it was breathtaking and I was speechless as I didn’t expect to find any of these, especially through the bushy entrance. Everthing looked gigantic from the point where I was standing. It was epic.




Hidden Waterfall

Wow! I swear I didn’t even know there is a waterfall hidden in the middle of…somewhere! After spending my time there, feel like I never want to leave… but oh well, gotta move on.

Tasman Lookout (Piha Beach)

I did some research and it says that the sunset at Piha is pretty amazing so decided to come for the sunset here but hey! look at all those clouds, how am I supposed to watch the sunset as I didn’t even see the sun?? Anyhow, I started my walk from Piha beach and heading toward Tasman Lookout.



First I saw this little cute waterfall I was like, whoa! where did you come from? Usually there was always sounds of water pouring down but no, not this one, I didn’t even hear a sound.




After I walked for awhile, I was pretty sure it was there, I was at the exact spot as the google maps says but there was no path or stairs or whatever to the lookout. If so, I couldn’t find it! So I decided to walk back to the car and drove to the other end. The weather looks promising though, some blue sky finally! Really looking foward to the sunset.

Laird Thomson Track (North Piha)


Oh man, it wasn’t easy to find the entrance! I was walking along the beach, following the guideline that I read online but still couldn’t find it. Then I saw one guy from afar, he was running with the surfboard in his arm so I followed him but he was running too fast, next thing I know, I saw him up on the mountain… jesus christ! how am I gonna get up there so I just walk around the edge of the mountain and finally! I found it.





I walked up and down and then up all over again and again, and I was wondering if I got lost but no way I can know so I just kept walking until I finally reached the edge!





Double rainbows

You know everytime I saw rainbows, I always feel like I deserve it as I usually had to go through the rain on and off, and to be honest, it gets pretty annoying sometimes. But the rainbows did make up for it all. So beautiful. Now I can see some sunlight was starting to shine so I was heading back to Piha beach, didn’t want to miss the sunset of course!


Great! now it’s back to cloudy haha, but no worry I was certain that the sun would come.



As I was starting to see the golden light, I sat on the sand, holding the camera in my hands whilst my bare feet dipped in. I could feel the wind and ocean breeze passing through my body, I could hear the waves crashing and watch all those people walking pass, some were playing with their kids or their dogs, but everyone here sure enjoy every second of it.

The feeling at that exact moment was just priceless.


Look at the reflection, how could I take my eyes off?



Well, I guess this is it for the day. I didn’t want it to end ever, though I’m just grateful for everything that I get to see. Especially the sunset at the end and there’s no better way to end my day! 🙂

Adios guys!

One Tree Hill / Cornwall Park ( K’19 in NZ )

April 9, 2019

Kia Ora!

It has been awhile since my last post but here I am. Heading to where they called,

“One Tree Hill / Cornwall Park”


Took a little walk around on the way to the park and found the sign next to the gate.. it was quite a beautiful sign eh?




While I was wandering around I found these adorble cows, kept on chewing the grass without caring anything in the world or the surrounding next to them. Suuuuper cute!


I know that I have to go to the top but I wasn’t sure which way.. and I saw the way up along with the warning signs says ‘Electric Fence’. I know I shouldn’t cross but I checked Google Maps, if I go the other way, I wouldn’t be able to catch the sunset so, I’ve decided to cross it!.. interesting.


After I crossed the electric fence, I walked along this little path up the hills. Then, when I reach the top bit, I realized that I was up on the wrong hill.. Jesus Christ! I gotta walked back down and went the other way in a rush to catch the sunset.



There it was.. my destination for the day, finally! Such a beautiful park.





At the top, nice and fresh breeze passing through my face, it felt really peaceful. I mean it’s New Zealand, so most places are basically quite peaceful. I sat there and enjoyed myself with those cozy shades of sunset, going down way too fast. Well, that was pretty much it for my day. Hope you guys have a magical day too.


Auckland CBD ( K’19 in NZ )

Early April, 2019

Kia Ora!

Greeting in Maori like a kiwi. LOL. That’s the only word I know anyway.

So I’ve been here for nearly a month, it’s about time to explore around CBD. I’ve decided to walk around just to see what’s Auckland CBD has to offer. As I lived near Queen Street so, this is where I start.

Auckland Art Gallery Toi O Tamaki

As I walked a bit further, I saw this little square. I actually have no idea what that was so, I went in, turned out it’s like a little square that have indy shops and eateries which were really cool.


Chancery Square

Then, I keep walking until I reached the harbour, of course, couldn’t miss the blue shades.


Viaduct Harbour

I’ve found this fascinating barque, docked right in front of me.. then I walked in closer and I saw the logo name, wow! impressive it’s called “Spirit of New Zealand” — of course, proudly NZ.


Spirit of New Zealand

After taking some times, I walked back and then again, I have no idea what that is but the decoration were really nice so, I went in to check it out.


Chilling Space

As city isn’t really my cup of tea so, nothing really exciting much for me.. just nice and chilling walks 🙂
Well, I know there are a whole lot more to explore but I’d called it a day for now..

Mt. Hobson, Remuera ( K’19 in NZ )

March 21, 2019

It’s time to wander around some place nearby. It’s called Mt. Hobson which located in Remuera where lots of wealthy people staying. It’s a very short walk to the top and it was a beautifully sunny day so, why not?

Starting point

It was pretty quiet, as a matter of fact, I didn’t see anyone, not a soul –that’s how quiet it was but doesn’t matter as I kept walking up.

A soul

After awhile, I looked back and Voila! I found a soul, LOL, he was walking behind me.

On the way up!

Two separate ways

Two separate ways but not a single sign to show where each way was supposed to lead, I thought of a friend of mine (we did lots of hikings together), I’ve always chosen the wrong paths so, I was thinking what she would choose.. and I chose the simpler way, not the stairs, of course.


Turned out, I was wrong, what a surprise! You know how I know that? As I was walking, the path seems to go down than up and I’ve met a guy so I asked him which way to go to the top.. he said it was the other way, the stairs……..damn! so I walked back and went up the stairs way.



It was quite nice little hike and there it was, the sky tower.. everywhere I go, I can see it. What an iconic!

Another stair to the top

Looking back!

Wow.. that was unexpectedly beautiful! So, I kept walking..


Not sure what that mountain is but hey! it looks quite lovely, isn’t it?


Top iconic

When I saw this one, whatever it called.. I know that I’m at the top of the mountain. lol.

Benches at top

I was setting at the bench for awhile, not too long though as the sun was quite strong but it was really nice, chilling, and relaxing.


On my way down, I saw this spot. Kinda cool as I haven’t had many photos like this.


Mt. Eden ( K’19 in NZ )

March 16, 2019

I had a free day, and felt like hiking so, let’s go to the mountain! It’s called “Mt. Eden”



The track was pretty easy, like just kept going and following the concrete path.


Heaps of people came here for jogging, running, and walking. I was the only one holding my camera… damn, very touristy of me.

On the way up

Down to Mountain Rd.

The stairs looked tempted.. I wasn’t sure if I should go down or not as the sign said, it’s going down to the road.. I probably shouldn’t but I did it anyway. Don’t why but for some reasons I just couldn’t resist these things and had to find out what was there at the end and Voila, it took me to the street so, I walked up the way I came.. Now, 10% of my energies were gone. Thanks to the stairs!


It was real quiet, calm, and peaceful all the way up.. I swear I walked passed very fews people. Only heard birds chirping and the trees as the winds passed through. It was a cloudy day, thanks God.. so it was not too hot and not too cold but, it was quite humid though.

Auckland Lookout

They called it “Auckland Lookout” but for me, it’s more like “Sky Tower Lookout”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

They called those teletubbies hills “Mount Eden Summit”

It was pretty amaing really, the curves and the little walkable paths all over the hills that we can walk through round and round.. and hey! I don’t feel like the only tourist anymore as at the summit, there were lots of tourists!

Lonely Bench

See, that was one lonely bench.. it was just there by itself but hey! at least the surroundings were pretty amazing.

On the way down

Luckily, the path was like a circle so, no need to walk back the way I came. After spending some times at the summit, I walked down and gosh, it was really beautiful, wasn’t it?

Browns Bay ( K’19 in NZ )

March 13, 2019

I’ve got a free day so, decided to go to the beach, of course! it had to be a beach, again. I lived in North Shore but Browns Bay is way up, a bit further like about an hour ride by public transport but hey! I’ve got nothing to do anyway so, why not?

Browns Bay

Browns Bay

Browns Bay

Yep! that’s about it for “Browns Bay”, it was real peaceful and I meant way too peaceful. Quiet little area up north. I took a walk around from one side to another. There was nothing much to do so I found a god spot and I was just sitting there, watching the waves, listening to its sounds and watching a few people walked pass.

Lonely lady

While I was walking pass, I saw this lady sitting and chilling by herself (just like me) and it looked just perfect which of course! I couldn’t resist. So I quietly took a snap and move on. Most of the people I saw, they came alone. Whether it was for just sitting still and doing nothing or reading a book by the beach.. Maybe they just want to escape all the busy stuffs in their lives and just be..

Now, confessing, I haven’t had anything to eat yet since I woke up and I was starving so, I went back to town to grab something to eat.. and voila! there was “Fish & Chips”.

Fish & Chips at Browns Bay

Tradtionally wrapped up in a huge paper as usual. After I got it, I took it to the beach and seated! Now, it’s time to enjoy my meal.. and guess what? it was yummy even though I could never finish the chips, no matter how many times I’ve had them. Damn, how I miss eating them..

Browns Bay

Remember that gigantic island? yeah, it was the same one as in Takapuna Beach.. Both beaches are kinda similar in term of the scenery but totally different vibes..

Well, to sum it up, if you’re looking for some place deadly quiet with no one and nothing to bother, come to Browns Bay and you’d love it, I promise.

However, if you’re looking for some place that is more.. alive, by all mean, Takapuna Beach is definitely the place for you!

Takapuna Beach ( K’19 in NZ )

I’ve been to a lot of countries either it was for vacations or staying but I’ve always had a friend with me, never alone. This time, I’m in Auckland, New Zealand by myself.

Yes! I am 6,000 miles away from home, from my comfort zone, from everything..

March 11, 2019

First destination since I got to Auckland —“Takapuna Beach” 
Of course! it’s gotta be a beach, where else could it possibly be?

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Takapuna Town

Hopping off the bus and Voila! there it was, little town next to the beach.

The weather was quite hot as the sun was so strong but a bit chilly at the same time with all the winds. The town was so clean and there weren’t a lot of people, real quiet there. So I kept walking to find the beach. It was just a short walk from the bus stop.


Takapuna Beach

See the gigantic island over there? I think it’s “Rangitoto Island Scenic Reserve” which I’m definitely going one of these days.

After taking a few photos, and walking around, I found a good place to sit down and felt the beach vibes and all the ocean breeze!

It was magical and peaceful, ..everything was just.. slow.

Stand-up paddle at Takapuna Beach

The lady whose paddling in the middle of the ocean, she was really strong (I do hope she put heaps of sunblock otherwise, the sun would seriously burn her skins off, i swear, it was that hot)

Cool kid with cool cap

Playground at Takapuna

The playground looks really cool, I want to try it out but decided not to…


Work and Travel 2015 [19]

Hola !

I’ve arrived at the famous Hollywood and visited Beverly Hills.. The city is beautiful, luxurious, worth to walk around and explore.


My plan was gonna go to Laguna beach, I’ve heard that it’s really beautiful and nice but..I got lost on the highway so, I drove back to Santa Monica instead.. It was amazing and nice as I thought.. So I walked around and waiting for the sunset..It was so peaceful and cozy.


After that I went back to the hotel and take rest.. take full rest and get ready for next destination! 😀